Programs We Support

The main purpose of the foundation is to raise funds for the following Fire and Police programs:

Community AEDs and CPR Training in the Schools

Training in CPR and proper heart defibrillator (AED) use to more than 700 Greater Albany Public Schools 8th grade students each school year. Additionally, we will equip 12 Albany Police Department patrol cars and qualifying City public places with AEDs.


Albany Police and Kids (APAK)

Albany Police and Kids (APAK) is a fund developed by Albany Police Officers after several experiences with young people in our community who showed great promise, but lacked the financial means to follow their dreams. Our officers found that, with a little help, these kids were able to find their motivation for success and begin to work harder after being given some hope that their goals might become their reality.

In one such case, one of Albany’s School Resource Officers encountered a young woman who had struggled both behaviorally and academically. The officer learned that the student had a passion for gymnastics, but her family was unable to afford to keep her in private gymnastics lessons. The officer struck a deal with the young woman that he would pay for her gymnastics lessons as long as she stayed out of trouble and maintained passing grades in all of her classes. This student ended up finding great academic success and was able to graduate early from high school with honors. The young woman has since enrolled in college and has plans for a career in the medical field.

Bringing Up Learning and Behavior (BULB)

Another program funded by Albany Police and Kids is our Bringing Up Learning and Behavior (BULB) program. BULB works through our partnership with Greater Albany Public Schools to recognize middle school students who have shown great improvement in their academics and
behavior. The students are selected monthly during the school year by school staff and are then treated to a limousine ride from their school to the Albany Police Department. They are honored at a ceremony with the Mayor, family, and leaders from local government and the business
community. After the ceremony, they are transported to Lakeshore Lanes for bowling and pizza lunch, then returned to their schools by limousine.